Are You Feeling Stuck In Life?

You can’t think straight, and you are struggling with low mood, depression, and anxiety.

You don’t know how to fix your problems, and you have tried so many alternative and complementary therapies and still, you can’t understand what needs to change.

Your always putting on a brave face, and give yourself such a hard time for not getting stuff right, you never feel good enough. You struggle with relationships both in business and in your personal life. 

You have stomach issues, IBS, bloating, and various health problems, and you lack the energy, and knowledge to do the inner healing work and get to root cause. Your self-care is at the bottom of priority list as you are always putting everyone else’s needs first.  You are unhappy with how you look and have tried so many diets,  healthy eating and exercise plans… but nothing seems to change how you feel deep inside.


hey, Everyone deserve to be happy and fulfilled in Life and yet many of us think this is an impossible goal. 

Its ok to want more out of life, it is ok to want it all!!

And it’s perfectly ok to say YES to YOU…

You are only one step away from change!

How Can Help You

As an Intuitive Guide, Healer, and Energy Therapist I am able to show you how using simple and easy tools can bring more balance and peace back into your life.


Your body will be trying to get your attention and this can show itself as anxiety, low mood, sleepless nights. My Shift Session will give you a little insight into how I work and clear away any unhelpful beliefs that might be keeping you from having a joyful and fun-loving life. If you are wanting more one to one support and are ready to invest in yourself then the One to One session will take you on a much deeper and supportive healing journey.


With over 15 year’s experience as a complementary therapist, I provide bespoke solutions for each individual, selecting from my vast PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL knowledge and training including NLP, ENERGY MEDICINE, crystals, aromatherapy, colour therapy, EFT, Stress management, Akashic Records. Having seen the benefits of using flower essences or energy medicine during emotional and stressful times I went on to create my own Essence range called GLORIOUS LIFE ESSENCES. I also use over 200 different flower essence products to help create the perfect energetic blend to bring calm and balance into your life.


Every journey begins with those first steps and I know it can feel scary to try something new.  I encourage you to be curious, be open to new ways of thinking and healing. There are infinite possibilities just waiting for you….and there is already a  wise  part of you that already knows what to do to heal.. You just might need a guiding hand to show you the way. Ready to work with me ?


My Journey

Despite the many challenges I have faced in my life, I’ve held onto the belief that there is always something to feel grateful for, and that challenging experiences can help us let go of old ways of being and heal on a deep soul level. 

Some may say I’ve had more than my fair share of traumatic life experiences, yet each one has brought me to a greater understanding of myself. My true self, the one who knows life isn’t for playing small and suffering. The wise divine self that knows we can change, and we always have a choice! We all have inner resources of strength and courage to tap into and help us move through whatever life throws at us.

One of my most profound discoveries over the years is that my intuition is incredibly strong and yet there have been times were I have not taken any notice of it. I am trained and qualified in many energy healing therapies and techniques that have help me heal from childhood Abuse, divorce, grief and many traumatic experiences.    Let me help you find inner peace with where you are at in life and in doing so give you the tools to manage your life from a balanced grounded state. 

What would it feel like to have a system, process to use on yourself to help navigate lifes challenging situations ?

If you’re looking for a caring, supportive guide, who can help you heal and transform, I’d love to help you, so do get in touch!

Rachel Allanach Intuitive Coach Healer and Therapist

Want To Chat?

My inbox is always open, if there’s something troubling you, something you’d like some support with, more information you’d like then don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Dive in and see what other people have said about what it’s like to work with me.  My passion is to make sure that you get the very best service, care & direction to make your life truly joy filled. 

Need My Help ?

Ready to find out more about what your options are.  You don’t need to navigate this alone and I would love to assist you and support you on the transformation of your life.

Buy Now

Its time! So youve had a little look around and your Heart is saying a big fat YES… its time to invest. Every journey begins with those first steps and I cant wait to support you.

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There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook,
peace of mind and inner happiness