So today I am going to share 8 signs that your grounding is off. ?

It’s really easy to describe as it’s pretty much ME most of my life…. up until when the light bulb went on during my time studying to be an advanced flower essence practitioner. I had heard the word make sure you are grounded or get grounded, imagine those roots so many times and yet it never went in deep until I was ready to hear the message. The following signs are based on my own experiences.

1. Scattered thinking – this can be not knowing where to start with tasks or feeling like your brain/mind is full to the brim with too many things to process and think about. Avoiding to make a start and just generally doing everything other than what you should be doing.

2. Over emotional – well I am an emotional person anyway and I wouldn’t want to stop being me but when you are not grounded things can seem just to much and all those unhelpful thoughts and emotions come out from all angles and you are left feeling very alone and like there is no other choice or direction to take to change how you are feeling.

3. Hyper – words come out all jumbled up and very fast and then you might even forget what you need to say or do…

4. Electric shocks – you might get little electric shocks from when you close your car door or when you touch hands with people.

5. Overwhelmed – just a big ball of all the above you can’t think straight, you can’t get your words out and your emotions are coming in like waves, from happy to sad and no balance point is found.

6. Overeating – now I know this could be linked to many other factors but I am going to add this one in as I truly believe if you are not grounded and fully in your body then you are not in control of your actions (fully ) so you are on autopilot and therefore not making the best choices. Making the right choices are linked to how you show up in the world and how you look after yourself. As we can eat to become more grounded but there are healthy food choices to help with that.

7. Wanting to run away or escape – yes that’s been me most of my life – when the going gets tough the tough get going. Or just Run away from the situation that is causing you to feel out of control – which is a normal reaction if you are feeling in danger but if you were grounded you would have clarity and a balanced state of mind to know there is always a solution to the problem causing you to run.

 8. Depression/Low mood – again this is coming from my own personal experiences and looking back on my life challenges and struggles I could see how my low points in my life were indeed a combination of things added to the pot but ultimately I had forgotten that I mattered and that my needs were important. I needed time out, TIME OUT FOR ME…ME TIME I needed to connect back in with my self and go outside for walks in nature or work with crystals AND eat yummy food. I needed to ground.

So I hope that has been helpful and wanted to let you know that you can feel more grounded right now, ie today – only you can change how you are feeling and the first steps to change only need to be  baby ones.. so grab my free Grounding guide NOW  

***The contents of this post is not intended to diagnose or treat any particular individual or condition or to provide medical or psychological advice, diagnosis, therapy, or treatment. While the techniques/tools I use have produced remarkable results. Please consult your licensed medical practitioner or healthcare professional before using any of the techniques or information suggested. Copyright © 2020 – Rachel Allanach***