Guiding Hand & Email Support

My Guiding Hand & Email Support service provides bespoke solutions for your unique situation and needs whether your struggling with anxiety, depression or stress.

    • I help guide you back to your natural balanced state.
    • By Ensuring you are drinking enough water and getting enough sleep will help build solid foundations so that if outside influence’s do rock your world…you will have the tools to get back into that balanced state.
    • Helping you learn about the importance of grounding, and the mind-body connection to poor health. Your body will be telling you that things are NOT OK.
    • Help you to understand and work through any problems you are experiencing in a gentle and supportive way.
    • I will select the appropriate methods from my vast tool kit which may included using crystals, aromatherapy oils, colour therapy, mindset protocols, flower essences and other suggestions such as tissue salts, energy medicine & tried and tested grounding techniques. Do check out my free grounding guide
    • I will recommend flower essence products along with aura sprays that will help bring calm and balance when you are feeling stressed.
    • You will have access to me via email  Mon – Friday 9 to 5 for 2 months (8 weeks)
    • Plus two bespoke flower essences that will last for the 8 weeks.

The investment for this service is £111

Rachel Allanach Coaching Email Support