Helping Hand Email Support

My Helping Hand Email Support service provides bespoke solutions for your unique situation and needs whether your struggling with anxiety, depression or stress.

    • I help to bring you back to the basics of good self care
    • Ensure you are drinking enough water and getting enough sleep
    • Helping you to learn about grounding, and the mind-body connection
    • Help you to understand and work through ant problems you are experiencing in a gentle and supportive way
    • I will select the appropriate methods from my vast tool kit which may included crystals, aromatherapy, colour therapy, chakra balancing, and grounding tools
    • I will recommend flower essence products and aura sprays that will help bring calm and balance when you are feeling stressed.

These email support sessions are available: Mon – Friday 9 to 5 for 2 months for £111

Rachel Allanach Coaching Email Support