How to be Compassionate

I choose the lovely Rose Alchemy Oracle cards to focus on what emotions were coming up for me after the workshop. Have you ever questioned if the universe is against you or perhaps wonder if this is a test to see how committed you are to your business ? I knew I wasn’t feeling 100% and yet I wanted to attend and not let myself or others down. My pesky nerves AND fears were rearing their ugly heads and quite frankly I wasn’t going to let them get the better of me. Being compassion to yourself is just as important as being compassionate to others. There is a really good prayer you can say when you just dont know what to do any more and even journally about your struggles takes up to much energy, check out the ho’oponopono prayer, I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, THANKYOU. The fact I have studied so many healing systems, modalities gives me a huge tool took to delve into and share what might be helpful as I am very mindful that what might work for one person may not work for another. My motto when looking to heal and move forward from stuck  is try EVERYTHING…..within reason – Why suffer? Life is too short, right? Emotions are not who WE are and yet if we don’t listen or acknowledge or process them they can cause discord within your body. Books such as Heal your body A-Z by Louise L Hay was one of my very first alternative books I purchased during my holsitic health study days.I loved referring to it and now I love listening to the late Louise Hay affirmations.

I am Compassion

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