During my Level 1 Flower Essence training in London with Ian white we had to experience many of his awesome bush essences and one of which is called Turkey Bush. Ian white is so very gifted and his teaching is outstanding. Those that may not of heard of come across his essence, he is the Founder of the Austriallian Bush Essences and hold workshops all around the world.  Whilst taking Turkey Bush Flower Essence on the course it was linked to a creative experiment and I was totally amazed how easy I was able to draw an image of the most beauitful flower of wisteria. I  would have never attempted such project as I would not class myself as being creative or able to draw well. The results were indeed outstanding. So the Turkey bush essence supports you if you’re struggling with getting into alignment with your unique creative energyor if you have a book to write or just lacking in inspiration to get the pesky job done.

Flower Essences can be used on children and our fur and fluffy friends…

Flower Essences along with the Bush Flower Essence Range can be used on children, adults and your fur and fluffy friends and they have NO side effects. Flower Essence have really changed my life for the best and have been the missing key in being more grounded into the here and now and inturn knowing how to manage my energy and remain in a balance state when the world outside may seem full of doom and gloom. If you would like to find out more about me and how I flower  essences can help and support you then click >> Here

If you would like to learn more about the bush essences then click >>>  Australian BUSH FLOWER Essences