One to One Support

My One to One Support provides weekly online Intuitive coaching for three months along with email support via Skype or Zoom, and includes up to six bespoke flower essences.

This service provides bespoke solutions for your unique situation and needs whether you are struggling with  anxiety, depression or huge amounts of stress.

    • I help to bring you back to the basics of good self care.
    • Ensure you are drinking enough water and getting enough sleep.
    • Helping you to understand about the importance of grounding and how it impacts your wellbeing, and the mind-body connection.
    • Help you to understand and process the challenges you are experiencing in a gentle way.
    • I will select the appropriate methods from my vast tool kit which includes crystals, aromatherapy, colour therapy, chakra balancing, and grounding tools, NLP coaching, timeline therapy and flower essences.
    • I will recommend flower essence products and aura sprays that will help bring calm and balance when you are feeling stressed.

Available Mon – Friday 9 to 5 for £333 

Rachel Allanach Coaching Online Support