Born Free – Snowdrop Flower Essence

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Born Free – Snowdrop Essence, made in Lancing, West Sussex

This Essence was made during a storm and has the water & air elements added into the mix.  Small but mighty and brings light to the dark ( shadow self). Calms inner storms, retrieves lost (soul)parts due to trauma, disempowerment. White lion, Leo energy and brings courage when needed. Connects you back to your roots, your divine connection to mother earth. Heals layers from the heart that come from base root chakra issues (survival, childhood, trauma). 4th/5th dimensions.

Keywords : Power - Centre - Alignment - NorthStar - Calming - Inner Peace -Grounding - Transformation

Chakras: Base/root, solar plexus and heart, all small chakras

Meridians: Liver, Gall bladder, Large intestine, spleen, sex circulation, heart

Colours: Pure white, green and Yellow

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10ml, 30ml

1 review for Born Free – Snowdrop Flower Essence

  1. Melissa

    Review of all three snow drop Essence taken together

    All energy and wisdom is contained within, Rachel’s snowdrop essence enable me to access hidden realms of alchemy and magic contained within. We realised that our own bodies are living libraries of information and alchemy like our own mystery school. A medium is sometimes needed in magic to connect the spiritual with the physical and this essence did just that.

    Truly gifted Rachel’s essence provides the missing link from source to soul that revealed missing layers of soul expression. I remembered two I was from a previous life and took this knowledge to further enhance a course i am developing. A deep profound inner knowing cascaded in from the subconscious realms soon after taking these drops.

    Keep making these essences Rachel they are one in a million and divinely guided pearls of magic that lead to a profound catalyst of effortless change.

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