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This is the Energy signature of Phalaenopsis stripe Orchid plus the properties of Blue Kyanite – Find Your True Essence.


This is my second Flower essence that I made in my garden in West Sussex. Find your True essence was created by placing a bowl of spring water under the orchid and then allowing the energy and spirit of the plant to be captured and held gracefully within the water. This method is called the indirect method and so the flowers are not picked from the plant or harmed. A lovely piece of blue Kyanite was held within the roots of the orchid. Plants love crystals and mine flourish more so with crystals placed around and on them.

Works on clearing limiting beliefs right back to their core. Brings in new positive beliefs, new pathways, divine connection, releases spiritual blocks and brings in a can do energy to getting those jobs done.


Keywords : clears beliefs – new pathways – root cause – speaking ones truth – self acceptance – True self – divine – connection – expression

Chakras :  Throat, Crown

Meridians : Large Intestine, Heart, Small intestine


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10ml, 30 ml

1 review for Find Your True Essence – Flower Essence

  1. Melissa Tessaro

    I’m sharing this because it’s exactly what i felt today after taking one of Rachel’s new essences, “Find your True Essence”

    I’ve had the crappest two months, dad sick, burnout, losing friends, felt really awful, i literally stopped working which for me is crazy as i’m always working.

    BUT today……. my ability to speed work has come back.
    I literally took a few drops of this essence and suddenly i felt so clear, alive and bright, I had been worrying about not working and getting everything done, well panicking really.

    All panic left, all issues over time went away. This is what i channelled about it.
    I am feminine divine, the feminine to your masculine. I ground the energy of higher spiritual wisdom and whatever your deepest self-worth and self-belief blocks are they will be cleared instantly.

    You will value yourself once more.
    It’s like the mental process of thinking and worrying has gone.
    I feel work is effortless and I am like a machine.
    I’ve done more today than in the last two months altogether.

    I actually channelled the voice of this flower essence yesterday without knowing what it was and made the connection today. It’s like the hard masculine fighting energy has gone and replaced my a softness, gentle and peaceful yet strong and gets things done.
    Rachel you are a miracle worker. Im calling this essence the Bringer of Miracles. xxxxxx

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