Jasmine ~ Rose – Flower Essence

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Flowers of Jasmine and Rose – placed in a crystal bowl with several eight pointed stars engraved on the outside. Energy signature (Flower essence) preserved with Brandy and spring water.


Jasmine ~ Rose is my third Flower Essence to be made here at my home in West Sussex. Both flowers stopped me in my tracks with their beauty and aromas. Such a beautiful combination that works on opening the heart in a soft and gentle way allowing those hopes and dreams to flow through removing any blocks within ones energy system. This Essence was made on a sunny day and placed within a crystal bowl that had eight pointed stars engraved all around the outside of the bowl. The essence was also being over lighted by three dandelions. Works on both the heart chakra and the heart meridian.

Key words – Crystal clear – Dreams – Hope – Heart – Opening


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10ml, 30ml

1 review for Jasmine ~ Rose – Flower Essence

  1. Melissa Tessaro

    This was the 3rd essence of Rachel’s that I have taken and each has worked fast and transformed my world.

    Shortly after I took Rose and Jasmine information downloads came in and I was guided to do a celestial central sun meditation. I experienced an awakening combined with 12D feel of complete bliss and utter joy. My heart was bursting with love and expansion.

    The sister of the flame spoke directly to me and conveyed how this essence works at the level of dream consciousness and aligns dreams and wishes with 3D reality. It literally pulls dreams into your timeline.

    I felt really grounded yet inspired and activated beyond a level I’ve ever experienced. Such peace with clarity and inner flow. I’m not sure how Rachel manages to do this but I was connected to the 12th Dimension all day. I dowsed it and confirmed.

    The feeling was utter joy. Thank you Rachel words cannot describe this essence you really have to experience it first hand. ?

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