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This Rose Essence was made on the lions gate portal on the 08/08/2020 at 8.08am in West Sussex.

This Rose was given as a gift as a wedding anniversary present - It grows right outside my back door leading into my garden here in West Sussex. when in full bloom the aroma has stopped me in my tracks, I have never experienced anything like it. It truly is the most beautiful rose I have had the pleasure to gazed my eyes upon. The Rose is about Love, giving and receiving love and works on lifting of those barriers or walls we have perhaps built up over the years due to failed relationships and the heartache that can come when a relationship ends.

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10ML, 30ML

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  1. Kate Seren ~ Anthousai Advanced Flower Essence practitioner and Producer

    One drop and followed the energy in my body!
    The energy fills my head and builds up around my third eye.
    It becomes super focused an soon I see it as a pearl.
    The energy of the pearl radiates out of the back of my head.
    At first straight back into my past but then it draws a 360 degree circle around me.
    I find myself energetically connected to the past and the future by a glistening, pearly thread.
    I can feel that the past has more pull, more tension in the thread than the future.
    But soon that tension drops away, like a spider web gently unhooked at the other end and it just falls away.
    There is space behind me now.
    I feel relaxation, relief and then uplift.
    The realisation there is a thread and a purpose to my future floods my chest – even though all I see is the glistening thread of energy in front of me.
    I feel chosen, “on purpose”, needed in this world.
    And this brings a poignant joy to my heart.
    I feel relieved and much calmer.

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