Secrets – Snowdrop Flower Essence

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Secrets – Snowdrop Essence from Lancing, West Sussex

This was one of my treasured snowdrop flower essence to obtained in the new year of 2020. I had the honour of obtaining this essence from sacred grounds of a well established college that has its very own chapel in Lancing, West Sussex.  Tip toeing into the special spot to set up my crystal bowl to collect the essence felt exciting and like I was stepping into a untouched mystical land. The weather for this day was slightly damp and yet the date this essence was made holds special energies to 22/02/2020 @11.44am.

Keywords : Grounding - Raises your Vibration - expression - anchoring - untouched - secrets - earth grids

Colour : Green, Brown

Meridian : Governing vessel

Chakra : Base, solar, throat and crown

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10ml, 30ml

2 reviews for Secrets – Snowdrop Flower Essence

  1. Melissa

    Review of all three snow drop Essence taken together

    All energy and wisdom is contained within, Rachel’s snowdrop essences enable me to access hidden realms of alchemy and magic contained within. We realised that our own bodies are living libraries of information and alchemy like our own mystery school. A medium is sometimes needed in magick to connect the spiritual with the physical and this essence did just that.

    Truely gifted Rachel’s essence provides the missing link from source to soul that revealed missing layers of soul expression. I remembered two I was from a previous life and took this knowledge to further enhance a course i am developing. A deep profound inner knowing cascaded in from the subconscious realms soon after taking these drops.

    Keep making these essences Rachel they are one in a million and divinely guided pearls of magic that lead to a profound catalyst of effortless change.

  2. Melissa

    Your new secret essence – They just took me to the temple of the white dragon.

    I was to knock three times on the door and allowed to enter, this dragon breathes fire and clears all old wounds blocking ascension and moving on to the nexxt level. Then i drank from the river of wisdom and now i am resting.

    They also said your work relates to the archtype of 12 so anything related and connected to 12 connects into your work so chakras, planets, meridians etc…

    and your essences connect to the inner living library to bring through more knowledge and wisdom.

    We need these at this time.

    Thank you x

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