Three of Spring – Flower Essence

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Flowers of Daisy (Bellis perennis), Forget me not (Myosotis) and Dandelion (Taraxacum officinalis)created such a magical trio. 


This essence was created at my home is West Sussex on 07/04/19 @ 1:30pm ~ it was a bright sunny day and I had been researching about Karpman drama triangle prior to making this essence. It was very clear that I would create an essence with three flowers.

The three Flowers are  forget me not, dandelion and daisy. Three of spring works on those stuck in life for what ever reason but may be used to playing one of the  three drama triangle personalities. Clears any power struggles, grounds and protections and has the power of three energy within the mix. Clears mental chatter and blocks around the third eye. Strengthens the solar plexus and opens and expands the heart. 

Keywords : oneness – unique – Grounds – protection – power of three

Chakra : solar plexus, heart and third eye

Colour:  Yellow, white

Meridian : Gall bladder, spleen, heart, small intestine



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10ml, 30ml

1 review for Three of Spring – Flower Essence

  1. Melissa Tessaro

    Melissa Tessaro
    Admin · April 21
    So essences don’t normally work for me but I’ve got to say RachelAllanach’s three of spring has opened up my ability to channel at a higher dimensional level.
    I’m receiving messages faster that have a different lighter quality to them. I asked to receive information about the new range which includes dandelion, daisy and forget me not.
    This is what I received:
    “”Its taken you to a higher mental state and realm opened up a lighter brighter energy within that was trapped in a negative energetic spiral. The consciousness of the spiritual realm guided by devic awareness has opened up a new energy portal within you. Lighten up and brighten up are the energy commands associated with this magical essence”
    The Seeker of the Light Within – forget me not
    The pattern of forget me not provides mental clarity and wellness of being at all levels of dimensional energy that were distorted with worry and negative thought forms. Lifts all energy imprisoning and limiting the soul aspect of who you are. Restores energetic pathways to do with ascension and connection.
    Its time to remember who you are.
    Supports energetic and emotional aspects of the soul and self that have been hidden in the shadows. Connects and radiates through you to reconnect with the power of your inner sun. Incorporates a playful light energy powerful beyond measure. Cellular expansion and expression of consciousness brightens and opens up to restore energetic wisdom and healing at emotional energy level.
    Thank you Rachel your essence has opened up a blocked clairvoyant channel for me. You have the gift and magic of comic consciousness and through your essences can share this with others. I’d love to buy a ‘cosmic’flower essence from you!

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