I’m Rachel Allanach, an Intuitive Coach, Healer and qualified Therapist with over 15 year’s experience in alternative and complementary therapy.

I help people who are feeling stuck in life and those who maybe struggling with a variety of health and stress related issues.

I work with Mums, parents and other healers and therapists. I mainly work with women but do support men too.

My clients are from all over the UK and worldwide, and are from all walks of life, many are self-employed or small business owners, coaches, practitioners, creatives, authors and therapists.

They all share the commonality that they are sensitives, empaths and caring people who need guidance because they struggle to see their own blind spots.

I support my clients who may be struggling with a variety of problems, such as:

  • Stress, Depression and Anxiety
  • Feeling, stuck, sad and lonely
  • Trust, communication and relationship difficulties
  • Life after death
  • Grief and Loss
  • Fears, trauma and self healing
  • Helping parents to understand and help their children if they are struggling with school or other emotional, confident issues

My Products, Services and Solutions

I provide three services, The Shift Session, Guiding Hand & Email Support and One to One – weekly online sessions.

I also have an online shop here on my website where you can purchase a range of flower essences, aura sprays and other products and services.

I provide bespoke solutions for each individual, and use my life experiences along with my vast training in alternative and complementary therapy including crystal healing, aromatherapy, colour therapy, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Akashic Records, Vibrational medicine, flower essences.

Check out my range of flower essence products and aura sprays that will help bring calm and balance when you are feeling mega stressed.

I help my clients by:

   Bringing You back to the basics and focusing on self care

  • Highlighting the importance of drinking enough water and getting that all important good nights sleep
  • Learning about grounding and the mind-body connection
  • Identifying the best therapy solutions and flower essences for each person whether they are experiencing ie anxiety, stress or sleepless nights
  • The peace matrix course – This is a course where you can learn about using crystals for grounding and everyday use around the home, the thymus tap technique, the basics about chakras, how to help yourself with grounding and protection, learn how flower essences can work to help and support you during challening times and how and how to make your very own flower essence.
  • Providing a range of videos and Free downloadable resources such as my Grounding Guide and other information here on the website and in my blog.
  • Sign up for my email newsletter and social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. Come and find me – I’d love to connect with you! If you have any questions please contact me 


Rachel Allanach Intuitive Coach Healer Therapist






“I have no idea how Rachel does it but her essences always correct energetic timelines and present a new internal awareness directed with magic”

I’ve used three of her essences now and each more powerful than the last, new insights and wisdom have been gifted to me with each one. I am able to transcend inner energy mismatches and dissolve confusion and inner blockages. They give me space, insight and freedom to rise above the presenting issue and circumstance to restore balance.

The spirit of Rachel’s essences are captured within her work so profoundly and deeply that when I take them I connect to the spirit of the flower who runs information and guidance to me through my higher self.

Rachel is a gift to energy healers who need an internal instruction manual and a complete how to…. to resolve complex internal issues and find inner freedom.

Melissa Tessro – Author and Pendulum Healing Expert

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“Although Rachel says she’s a coach, she’s so much more than that. She helps support people wanting to get unstuck from recurring life events and helps them get their love of life back. I met Rachel at the EFT Conference last year and found her easy to talk to, caring and empathetic. She talked to me about setting up her business with such enthusiasm and her desire to help people comes straight from her heart”

Tracey Morrow

E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Master Practitioner, Newbury, UK