Hello Beautiful People
Well, I wanted to share a bit about my journey into the new year of 2020.
So towards the end of Last year I set the intention I would focus on my eating and fitness and so I committed to a local Plant base cooking programme with a lovely lady called Karen Lee from The sensitive foodie.
The course would start in January and before I knew it January was here and the course was soon to begin. So every Friday I would get to spend time with other lovely ladies and we would eat yummy nurturing food and there is also an educational section were we learn about the benefits of plant-based eating. Oh and there was also cake which is a huge bonus – so I set out to follow the recipes that were handed out each week. I spent a lot of time cooking from scratch and I was amazed Just how good the food tasted although the cooking from scratch was somewhat time-consuming I managed it and loved the new recipes. The weeks passed and I had gone vegan Unintentioal BUT then my body was showing signs of not being very happy and I wasn’t sure if I was still getting over the Recent cough/cold or in fact I WAS DETOXING …. My Goodness I was detoxing and I really hadn’t allowed for this within the program (as everything else was so easy) – I am actually blown away with how rough I felt But it’s made me remember again how AMAZING my body is at supporting me regardless of what I’ve put into it over the years…
Then up popped a post on my Facebook news feed from last year and I had called it a Positive Post Alert. (Copy below )

*** Positive Post ***

Well I couldn’t have wished for better results 
It would appear after speaking with my consultant today that my #adenomyosis that required a hysterectomy to cure my symptoms……is no longer 🙏(gone)
All is well and I can honestly say that I am just blown away and continually amazed how freaking amazing our bodies are at healing….when given the right care, attention and environment 💓
How did I Do it ?
I AM beginning to think that I must be super…. ⭐️L U C K Y⭐️with this healing stuff 😇
Healed #Adenomyosis ✅
Couldn’t have done it all without my dear friend and outstanding healer Gulnara Burhanovaand my totally amazing herbalist Andrea Hughes Medical Herbalist- Functional Medicine
Over and over again I have healed my body via dietary changes along WITH a DEEP inner KNOWING that there was another way to heal…. YES, there was a lot of determination and I was super focused but I didn’t STOP and REALLY HONOUR at the time how amazing my body was and how it continues to support me. We only have one body and so I want to take super care of it. There are other illnesses/diseases that I’ve also healed but the message I wanted to relay here today is about …Honouring our self and all that we have achieved NOW…whether it seems nothing special or it makes you feel way out of your comfort zone because it might seem like your are blowing your trumpet…. just do it now
You see if we don’t honour it, we build up a discord within our energy system and it sends out a message that we dont truly value all that we are and then that ripples out into the world and this can show it self a low self worth.
As the lovely Emma holmes from Rebels and Rockstars quotes
“We have to be our own cheerleaders”
This is something that may take a while to get used to as we are so conditioned to listen to the negative chatter that tells us that we should have done better …or that we are not that special or who do we think we are.

So let’s create a positive ripple/wave and share how amazing we are and not hide away for fear of what others might say… let’s dampen down those negative thoughts and Not those Exordanary abilities. 

Other NEWS…
Lots of my bespoke Flower essences have been going out into the UK this year and One of my very own flower essences – Three of Spring travelled far and wide to Canada and I will be looking forward to hearing how the essence has helped and supported my client.  I will, of course, share their feedback with you all very soon.
Snowdrop are calling to me and I would love to make an Flower essence this spring and it will be interesting to see where in the UK I end up making this essence.

Online course – The Peace Matrix (coming soon)

I can’t wait to share my online course with you all (its for anyone who wants to manage their energy and learn about crystals, dowsing and flower essences that can help support you with everyday challenges and the focus is around grounding your energy and staying protected. If this is something you may be interested in, then do drop me a message and I will add you to the waiting list.
Much love Rachel x